Parking Barriers For You

There are different parking barrier for different parking spaces and parking lots. Each is dependent on your specific needs and wants. Some also use for different reasons, which can range from purely traffic control and others for security purposes, even both. Depending on your specifications and of course, you budget, you can have the most advanced parking barrier or a simple barrier which perform the most basic of functions. Here are some types of parking barrier to get an understanding of what you would possibly require and be sure to make sure yours are CSA certified and derived from a reputable and experienced company.
The stylish VertiGate is durable enough for high-duty cycle, high-security demands of commercial and industrial users. VertiGate’s small footprint is ideal for situations when there is a lack of room for a swing or slide system. Two gates may be combined for up to 36 feet in width. Built in battery back up and solar options are usually available with this parking barrier.
The 6 meter Heavy Duty Barrier Gate is designed to provide years of reliable and trouble-free operation in every type of system application and environment. The reverse sensing circuit, which causes the motor to instantly reverse if the gate arm comes in contact with an obstruction during the closing cycle, is a standard feature on each gate. If this is the type of parking barrier you require, be sure to mention specific details to you provider.
Constructed of durable STAINLESS STEEL, designed to provide years of reliable and trouble-free operation in every type of system, application and environment. The standard Barrier Gate can support a 3M or 4M straight arm or 3M folding arm. Industrial 6M gates are also available. The Barrier Gate has a built-in receiver and usually has two (2) push button transmitters.
Nowadays having a parking barrier has become a must for any parking area because it shows security, order and safety.

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