What’s Your Parking Like?

Most parking lot systems start out basic and go on improving as time goes by. Just make sure that when you do choose to install your parking lot system, that you go with experienced companies that have the knowledge and technical ability to do so. Most companies just want to make a quick sale and do not care or listen to their customer’s actual needs and wants.

What’s your parking lot system like? Many different parking spaces have different parking lot systems, it depends on which best suits your needs. Technology today has brought about so many different advancements into the parking lot industry with many changes coming about but even still there are people that like it old school. Usually gated parking systems ensure that all parkers pay but do not require monitoring the lot and issuing parking citations.

It starts with either having a full featured parking lot system or just a basic parking lot system for those that like it simple. Such a system starts with an entry or exit station plus 2 barrier gates and may be easily expanded to control multiple entrances and exits. The basic gated parking lot system allows the use of coupons, tokens, wireless (3G/4G), intercoms, and remote web monitoring. Access control for employees, monthly pass holders or tenants may be added to this system. Here is the difference between a gated parking lot system of which the basic is used when there is medium to low parking volume, change does not need to be done, when there is not much capital required, when there is the option to add access control systems, No Rush of Inflow/Outflow Vehicles, etc., whilst the full featured contains all of it. By the way, it is also important to decide whether you want your parking lot system to charge fees at a flat rate or different rates at different times.


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