Parking Equipment Factors

Drivers searching for parking are responsible for around 30% of traffic congestion in cities. The congestion caused by poorly managed parking supply frustrates drivers, wastes fuel, creates air and noise pollution, and stifles economic activity. Today, the parking industry’s parking equipment and systems is going through its biggest transformation since the introduction of the first parking meters in Oklahoma City in 1935. It is being transformed by new technologies that are having an impact on operational efficiency and customer expectation, even as broader changes are being driven by new perspectives on the role of parking within cities.
Parking equipment can differ depending on various factors. Although this is true, before anything, there are things to actually consider before purchasing:
Different parking equipment and systems, Different Operating Costs
A major consideration in picking a system is the cost of administration. There are two main categories of parking systems with very different levels of fixed vs. variable costs.
Gated facilities where payment activates access in or out.
-Un-gated stand-alone payment stations.
-A gated system with sophisticated pay stations requires more upfront investment but may have lower day-to-day operating costs. Stand-alone meters have a lower unit cost but require more manpower cost to ensure compliance or you will not achieve the same level of revenue.
Better To Be Familiar With Your Parking Equipment
Pick a system that requires little instruction and is familiar or easy to use. If customers cannot figure out your parking system, they are likely to abandon the transaction or require assistance.
Size Of The Area or Space
Depending on the size of the area or space, there are different parking equipment and systems for each type. Small spaces use less parking equipment and/or systems whilst bigger ones might require more but this is all attributed to the person’s needs and budget.



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