Winning and Contests

Having a contest has taken on a new life with the growth of the social web. Contests are certainly not the answer to every marketing challenge, but they should be part of every social media marketer’s toolkit as it’s not only a great way to retain clients but nothing makes one feel so good as when you win something.

Contests have been around for longer than most stuff you know and it is a win-win situation. It’s all about winning and Charlie Sheen couldn’t have said it better. Companies today have made the contest and sweepstakes a part of their companies’ tradition.

As a company you should be knowing these 4 reasons why a contest should be part of your marketing strategy if you want to win compared to your competition.

Engaging Your Audience Using A Contest Is A Win
In addition to increasing the sheer number of people who interact with your brand, a contest provides a means to deepen the connection as well. A user-generated content (UGC) promotion such as a photo or video contest is a great way to do just that. UGC contests tap in to the human drive to compete, and they provide an opportunity for everyone to experience their 15 minutes of fame or a chance to win. Most importantly, when participants upload their personal content (e.g., a photo or story) to your promotion, they are naturally invested in your brand.

Want To Build Your Fan Base? This Is A Great Tool
Have a Facebook page that you need to get out there? whether it is 50 likes or 500,000 likes having a contest has provided a fantastic way to increase those numbers. You can even see that number grow in a matter of weeks or even days. Although it is not the only way, but the easiest especially if it is a low barrier to entry to win.

Contests Empower Consumers To Do Your Marketing For You
Customers help spread the message on your behalf. When you have a good contest going on people won’t hesitate to talk about it and it spreads like wildfire, hence, your company gets free and reliable marketing. The hope to win is very great.
If your contest includes a voting component, participants will be inclined to share through their social graph, asking friends and family to support

Get Rich Data From Customers
This is a great way to collect important info about actual and potential clients because when they have the allure of winning something they are willing to give out info just don’t create too many barriers to win though neither should you miss out opportunities to learn more about them. This data you can use to create more targeted marketing to them later.



Parking Lot System Truth

How would you rate your parking lot system right now? Most people would give the “ok” but not really satisfied but it does serve a purpose. It’s never a good idea to settle for less because that’s exactly what you’ll get in return, substandard parking lot system which eventually will stress you out! There are high quality and an affordable parking lot system that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s barrier gates using a small lot system, payment solutions like pay stations or pay in lane or even multi-space meters. Whether large or small business there are solution for all parking spaces. This is not the only reason to upgrade or install a parking lot system but also what it saves you and your customers/employees in the long run. Some of the benefits are:


Computer controlled parking garages enable and facilitate the integration of novel services, such as parking space reservation systems, traffic control, carwash stations for parked vehicles and many more innovative customer services and support systems.

Space Requirements

An automated parking lot system requires up to 50% less volume of the parking structure to handle the same number of vehicles compared to conventional, ramped parking facilities. Depending on the specific configuration of the parking lot system, automated parking facilities may also require less real estate than conventional garages.

Construction Costs

Depending on the specific configuration of the parking facility, an automated parking lot system might also require less real estate. In general, construction costs are thus comparable to average costs of conventional parking buildings. Construction of parking facilities below ground add to the competitiveness of a parking lot system as less construction volume is required to handle the same amount of cars.


Parking lot systems are designed to offer better security for car users because of proof of exit sometimes requiring proper identification. This ensures only you leave with your vehicle.

Maintenance of Buildings

Even though computerized parking facilities require considerably more electrical power, the management and maintenance of the parking facilities is much less labor-intensive. In addition, due to conveying technology, no polluting vehicle exhaust is emitted in the parking building.

Good Investment

The investment in automated parking garages enables high returns on investment due to the high level of space efficiency and utilization of the same. In particular, a parking lot system represent profitable investment opportunities for municipal authorities, parking corporations, property and business owners as well as other investors.



Let’s Choose The Right Parking Equipment Vendor

The parking industry has long been segmented into two types: on-street parking and off-street parking. On-street parking (i.e. parking meters), represents about one-third of all parking-related revenue in the US and is typically controlled by cities and municipalities. There has been some progress on-street within the realm of mobile payments and way-finding initiatives, but no truly scalable parking innovation has yet occurred in this segment. Parking equipment vendors should look more into this and come up with more innovations.
Off-street parking (i.e. garages and surface lots), which represents about two-thirds of all parking-related revenue in the US, is largely owned by private enterprise, parking equipment vendors and therefore, theoretically, should be faster moving when it comes to innovation.  But even this segment of parking has been slow to change, mostly because a) off-street parking is a multi-layered ecosystem with many different players and b) consumers typically delay parking purchasing decisions, usually looking for parking after they reach their destination.
 According to new analysis by Frost & Sullivan, the $100 billion worldwide parking industry of which is heavily involved with parking equipment vendors is expected to attract $200-$250 million of strategic investment over the next 3–5 years. The lion’s share of this capital will go to improve inefficiencies in the ways that we currently park.
Having the right equipment vendors also plays a big part in the future of the parking industry because it is all about the quality and the innovative solutions making it into the market. If your seeking equipment vendors for a more personalized solution then be sure to check their past dealings with clients and their experience as vendors
Over the next few years, parking will undergo a shift that will be a tipping point for the industry.  Some of the changes we may see include a single source solution from key players in the industry including parking equipment that combines off-street and on-street parking availability at the time you need it. Or it may include urban mobility solutions that will focus on getting consumers from point A to point B to point C, whether that involves taking a car, public transit, biking, or walking. Parking facilities and equipment vendors will also integrate relatively low-cost technology solutions to streamline and better the customer experience through the smartphone and the connected car. Lastly, demand-based pricing will become a tenet to parking, maximizing revenue by matching driver to the right space at the right time at the right facility.

Are You Next?

So how safe are your parking lot systems? The company has not yet notified consumers whose card numbers were breached. However, they are currently working with the payment processor to identify which card numbers were stolen, in order to alert the card-issuing banks. Parking garage hacks are just the latest in a long and seemingly never-ending string of data breaches. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that you may as well assume that anyplace you use a credit card will eventually be hacked. So remember: keep a strong eye on all your card and account statements while you’re doing your holiday shopping, and call the bank at the first mysterious sign.
Therefore, make sure when looking for the right parking lot systems, although not saying you will be 100% safe, but choosing the best reduces the risk of it happening. There are various characteristic you can look out for when choosing like experience and quality of their parking lot systems amongst many others. As the world moves forward in technology so do hackers and they are becoming more sophisticated by the day so always choose best. Make sure to also have your parking lot systems tailored to suite your needs and not something forced on to you or just for general purpose.
Target was funnily enough the target for cyber crime. This year, though, it’s not just stores losing your information to criminals. Now you have to worry about the parking lots and systems outside of them, too. SecurityWeek reported over the holiday weekend that hackers got into the parking lot systems of a large parking vendor this year, and were indeed able to steal customer name and payment card information.
Just as you must choose the best parking lot systems, they should go in hand with very good equipment otherwise you’ll end up with a ‘three-legged table’ meaning it won’t be balanced or give the full output.