Parking Equipment For You

Looking for parking equipment that can handle the cold weather and has a reliable, consistent history in harsh climates?  If yes, then consider this parking equipment, with over 50 years in systems in operation in Canada, including locations with some of North America’s most frigid winters.  Ticket Machines and Exit Stations are usually in unprotected laneways where wind, snow, sleet, and hail attack all sides of the machine.  How do you know if the parking equipment you’re looking at will survive such conditions?  Simply find proven history of such reliability.  Does the parking equipment have heaters, is it well constructed, does it require additional insulation?  For example in Calgary, Alberta, many parking machines will be wearing a blanket or jacket.  To determine if that is necessary, you should check with your parking equipment manufacturer.


Other components of the machines that may be subject to failure in colder climates are LCDs, printers, controller boards, USB devices, and connectors.  Confirm with your parking equipment manufacturer that all of these items are rated for your outdoor condition or that the parking equipment has sufficient heat and insulation to operate within the existing temperature rating.


Additionally if you are looking to install a pay station in an outdoor location, you should discuss if that machine needs to be located inside of a heated shelter or a shelter that protects from the primary direction of the wind.  Some advanced components inside of that machine can be greatly impacted when temperatures drop below 32 degrees F/0 degrees C.


What happens if the temperature is too cold for a parking equipment component?  Typically that device or component will slow its operation and eventually cease to operate, which can affect the viability of that particular parking machine.  If water crystals are able to freeze inside of that component, the ice could cause permanent damage or when the temperature increases that device may start to work properly.  As mentioned, these are all topics that you should discuss with your parking equipment manufacturer when discussing your system requirements.


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