Self Parking: New Way Parking System

After The parking system It Gets Even Better….

BMW new cars have also incorporated the collision avoidance systems adding on to the parking systemm. As shown by the popular show, “The Verge” when they tried to crash the BMW, it actually applied the brakes itself and came to a stop. Not to mention the car can be parked using a smart watch that can also call the car to come to the owner when he or she is done doing what they have to do. This is truly amazing! Other car brands are also following suite.

Most people find parallel parking or the idea of looking for a parking space so annoying and frustrating. Sometimes having to squeeze into a tiny space only to find you can’t open the doors because you’re too close to the other car; it’s horrific. Luckily the right brains were put together with the help of technology and cars can now park themselves using a sophisticated parking system. Imagine finding the perfect parking spot, but instead of struggling to maneuver your car back and forth, you simply press a button, sit back, and relax. The same technology used in self-parking cars can be used for collision avoidance system and ultimately, self-driving cars

Parallel parking is often the most feared part of the driver’s test, and it’s something almost everyone has to do at some point. People who live in big cities may have to do it every day. Automakers are starting to market self-parking cars because they sense a consumer demand.  Removing the difficulty, stress and uncertainty of this chore is very appealing.

Self-parking technology would prevent many of these mishaps. It can also save money, since you won’t have to worry about insurance claims for parking-related damage. Self-parking cars can also help to solve some of the parking and traffic problems in dense urban areas. Sometimes parking a car in a space is restricted by the driver’s skill at parallel parking. A self-parking car ‘s system can fit into smaller spaces than most drivers can manage on their own. This makes it easier for people to find parking spaces, and allows the same number of cars to take up fewer spaces. When someone parallel parks, they often block a lane of traffic for at least a few seconds. If they have problems getting into the spot, this can last for several minutes and seriously disrupt traffic.

Finally, the difficulty of parallel parking leads to a lot of minor dents and scratches.


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