System Efficiency For Parking Lots

The brightest minds and the most advanced tech has brought about very sophisticated parking lot systems today, but does it solve the problem the efficiency of finding the spot to begin with. Well, where you park and how much you pay is entirely up to your discretion, but we can always know what makes up great parking lot systems and equipment. Let us look at a few examples:

Will will soon run out of parking spots and have to pile cars on each other? It’s literally become a war out there, try snatching someone’s parking spot rather than continuing to circle the block or garage again — and again. Apart from one of the world’s biggest growing issues; we ask ourselves, how can we improve this parking efficiency? Well as far as technology goes, we can definitely see improvements, but  how far a stretch are they solving the crisis. This brings us to parking lot systems and their effectiveness.


– Versatile pay stations – by versatile I mean many forms of payment. By now if you’re still offering cash or coins only you need a serious upgrade my friend. This is well worth your investment in the long term. Especially by phone also is very interesting to have as part of the system.


– Simplicity – if your parking lot systems is simple and effective, i.e. people or literally anyone can use it and easily navigate around your parking area then you have a winner.


– Automated barrier gates and different ways someone can access the lot.  This is also another good quality to go hand in hand with parking lot systems.


– Directional signs can also assist to let drivers know where available parking spaces are (which garage, street, level of the parking garage) by literally pointing them to areas with more parking availability.


There are so many detectors of quality and effective in your equipment and parking lot systems but those are a few you can start with. Just remember though that as much as it may fit these aspects, it has to fit to your specifications and tailored to your area otherwise you’re going to experience a lot of problems which at the end doesn’t make it worth it. Choose wisely!



All Access Pass

One very important thing with access control equipment that is whether they are weatherproof and can be used outdoors in parking lots. If you’re looking for the best access control equipment then make sure it is weatherproof or you’re going to have a lot of problems in future as well as unnecessary expenses. Even if you’re experienced seeking better solutions, that’s one thing to always keep in mind.


The parking industry has changed.  In the past, parking systems used to be isolated applications for access control at car parks.  Today they have become powerful tools to manage a car park’s operations.  Present day car park owners are not looking for a system that lets them control their revenue earned from parking but for one that actually helps them increase it.


This means that indoor access control systems cannot necessarily be used in areas with harsh outdoor climates.  Also keep in mind that previously isolated applications now have to be integrated with complex business processes and the pure purpose of access control equipment has been extended by marketing considerations of how to actually motivate people to enter a particular parking lot in the first place.


This is why to go hand in hand with those parking systems you need very good access control equipment to smoothen the flow. There are various types of access control equipment depending on your specifications or requirements whether you want bollards, barriers, etc., or of it is actual access control, whether you want a card reader, keypad, intercom and so much more. Just make sure to be careful when making your choice as there are many companies that offer parking solution services, but few do it with your best interest at heart.

Your Own Parking Lot Gates

They generally have arms of 3 to 4 meters, but there are manufacturers of parking equipment that provide parking lot gates with arms of up to 6m. These parking systems are very easy to install, and don’t require any special tools during the installation. But, you would have to search out a manufacturer who offers such easy to install parking lot gates with increased functionality such as auto reverse, direct drive motor, etc. You would most definitely have seen these systems in a number of places. parking lot gates are usually used at entries and exits, and are typically, automated. They are also used in garages and have many commercial applications such as airports and public facilities. Usually, however, they are used in places such as toll booths, where the gates are opened once the toll has been collected.

It is never hard to find the best because years of experience and quality provision always speak for themselves and people will tell you. Especially when it comes to parking lot gates whether it is a normal, industrial gate or vertigate; you should always look out for the most durable and efficient parking lot gates.

Other types of parking lot gates are the vertigate which is mostly used for industrial purposes or even high end residential users. It is ideal when there is no room for a swing or slide system. the best part about this parking lot gates is that it requires very small footprint and comes in a wide array of lengths. Another note is that when you go in seek of parking lot gates for your premises, make sure to go for a reputable company that will give you great support to the end and even after your project is complete. You should also make sure to check their online presence to see if they have had any reviews so that you can have a little prior information before you got to see them because online reviews nowadays are extremely helpful.

Parking Equipment For You

Looking for parking equipment that can handle the cold weather and has a reliable, consistent history in harsh climates?  If yes, then consider this parking equipment, with over 50 years in systems in operation in Canada, including locations with some of North America’s most frigid winters.  Ticket Machines and Exit Stations are usually in unprotected laneways where wind, snow, sleet, and hail attack all sides of the machine.  How do you know if the parking equipment you’re looking at will survive such conditions?  Simply find proven history of such reliability.  Does the parking equipment have heaters, is it well constructed, does it require additional insulation?  For example in Calgary, Alberta, many parking machines will be wearing a blanket or jacket.  To determine if that is necessary, you should check with your parking equipment manufacturer.


Other components of the machines that may be subject to failure in colder climates are LCDs, printers, controller boards, USB devices, and connectors.  Confirm with your parking equipment manufacturer that all of these items are rated for your outdoor condition or that the parking equipment has sufficient heat and insulation to operate within the existing temperature rating.


Additionally if you are looking to install a pay station in an outdoor location, you should discuss if that machine needs to be located inside of a heated shelter or a shelter that protects from the primary direction of the wind.  Some advanced components inside of that machine can be greatly impacted when temperatures drop below 32 degrees F/0 degrees C.


What happens if the temperature is too cold for a parking equipment component?  Typically that device or component will slow its operation and eventually cease to operate, which can affect the viability of that particular parking machine.  If water crystals are able to freeze inside of that component, the ice could cause permanent damage or when the temperature increases that device may start to work properly.  As mentioned, these are all topics that you should discuss with your parking equipment manufacturer when discussing your system requirements.

Self Parking: New Way Parking System

After The parking system It Gets Even Better….

BMW new cars have also incorporated the collision avoidance systems adding on to the parking systemm. As shown by the popular show, “The Verge” when they tried to crash the BMW, it actually applied the brakes itself and came to a stop. Not to mention the car can be parked using a smart watch that can also call the car to come to the owner when he or she is done doing what they have to do. This is truly amazing! Other car brands are also following suite.

Most people find parallel parking or the idea of looking for a parking space so annoying and frustrating. Sometimes having to squeeze into a tiny space only to find you can’t open the doors because you’re too close to the other car; it’s horrific. Luckily the right brains were put together with the help of technology and cars can now park themselves using a sophisticated parking system. Imagine finding the perfect parking spot, but instead of struggling to maneuver your car back and forth, you simply press a button, sit back, and relax. The same technology used in self-parking cars can be used for collision avoidance system and ultimately, self-driving cars

Parallel parking is often the most feared part of the driver’s test, and it’s something almost everyone has to do at some point. People who live in big cities may have to do it every day. Automakers are starting to market self-parking cars because they sense a consumer demand.  Removing the difficulty, stress and uncertainty of this chore is very appealing.

Self-parking technology would prevent many of these mishaps. It can also save money, since you won’t have to worry about insurance claims for parking-related damage. Self-parking cars can also help to solve some of the parking and traffic problems in dense urban areas. Sometimes parking a car in a space is restricted by the driver’s skill at parallel parking. A self-parking car ‘s system can fit into smaller spaces than most drivers can manage on their own. This makes it easier for people to find parking spaces, and allows the same number of cars to take up fewer spaces. When someone parallel parks, they often block a lane of traffic for at least a few seconds. If they have problems getting into the spot, this can last for several minutes and seriously disrupt traffic.

Finally, the difficulty of parallel parking leads to a lot of minor dents and scratches.