Looking For Easy Parking?

Here are some of the benefits of having automated

-Increase your revenue – Make sure you receive an income from parking users since they must pay in order to leave The hourly parking in creases turnover and also reduce overheads by decreasing staffing levels. Reduce overhead by decreasing staffing levels. Don’t view parking as a hassle – it is a money maker!

-Great service and support – If you have a reliable company setting up your automated parking, they should offer support 24/7. A word of advise if you don’t want headache is to go for companies that have a lot of industry experience. Get your dollar’s worth.

-Enjoy improved security. with an automated parking system you have the ability to monitor your site 24/7 and you can use anything from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

-Increase Your Productivity – Be able to use different parking areas more efficiently and productively. Having unused parking areas just lying around is literally money your not making.

-Parking that’s in your control – Isn’t it annoying when you find a group of cars parked in your lot but have nothing to do in your premises? You should only give access to paying customers, employees, pass holders, etc., in short those allowed to be there. A well-designed automated parking solution with a trusted parking system ensures patrons and staff can enter, park & pay and exit the lot fast and easy as well as enjoy a pleasant experience. Control traffic flow by setting advanced levels of access control to different areas of your lot, and allow greater flexibility for peak parking periods and special events.

If you haven’t already started implementing an automated system for your parking then chances are you’re going out of business or about to. For whichever case, having an automated parking with a trusted parking system is becoming a norm in today’s modern age; a trend to say the least. Not to mention the stack of benefits it offers your business or company.

To go along with these benefits it’s also good to know some quick tips to help you manage them once installed which include knowing your parking area well, maintenance, acknowledging people working with it, make some time to experience and understand it yourself and recognizing your parking equipment. Most people don’t take it up because they believe it’s too expensive or complicated but in all honesty, get in touch with a trusted provider and you will be shocked.


Hotel Parking Equipment: The Low Down

So what determines the best type of parking equipment? There are so many different types of answers you will receive on this but what most people forget is that it’s not all about efficiency but effectiveness. Hotels all around the world are beginning to highly embrace parking equipment, but they need to know what works for them. There are various types of parking equipment and each tailored to suit different needs of the establishment.

Properly placing the hotel parking equipment helps your guests get easy access into the parking lot and also offers a form of security depending on the system you use which should also be a priority. The best type of parking equipment and most popular would make use of hotel room and card integration of which you should avoid bulky ones that take up a lot of counter area if you want to be effective.

As much as having the right parking equipment is necessary, you must have the right kind of system suited for your hotel as well that can cater to parking services like overnight guest self-parking, visitor self-parking, event self-parking, vendor self-parking, overnight valet, visitor valet, event valet, park-&-fly and employee parking.  Smart technology solutions, effective revenue management and positive guest experience. The most popular

With hotel properties, there’s always a need to accommodate visitors to special events such as weddings, banquets, conferences and group meetings.  You should have a parking validation solution for fast and convenient access to the hotel property. Guests highly consider parking effectiveness as a priority to a hotels performance and most would use that as a base to judge them and for hotels, reviews are a lifeline.

Here are some extra tips to manage your hotel parking equipment
area well

1. Maintenance – maintaining your hotel parking equipment and system is very important to always keep it updated and functioning. This is usually to avoid crashes or malfunctions. The type of system and equipment in place will determine what kind of maintenance and the frequency of such maintenance.

2. Know your parking needs well. By knowing and observing your parking needs and what type of equipment you want to go with (especially if you’re new to the idea) you can be in a better position to understand how you would want your system to operate, making it easier for you when everything is in place. Get in touch with the necessary companies and do your research to find the best company that is dedicated to providing you the best suited equipment for your needs

3. Recognize your hotel parking equipment – by understanding and learning about the parking equipment needed, it will make it easier for you to interact with it, thus, able to detect faults or if there is anything you need changed to improve its delivery. It’s a good idea to have a parking system with the necessary equipment in place that is specifically tailored to suit your needs and desired budget, otherwise it can be too costly to provide your desired return on income.