All About Hotel Parking Systems

A rule of thumb for hotel parking systems is to ensure that it is easy or simple for your guests otherwise you may end up chasing away the guest’s you’re trying to retain. Avoid very complicated systems that will even be hard for you as a hotel manager or owner to understand.  Systems should be easy for staff to program the cards – essentially seamless with and extra button press or two.  Also the system should be easy to maintain, so be sure to check references of the hotel parking system to discuss how other properties are interacting with the selling party or manufacturer (depending on who provides remote and on-site service) before making a purchase.    Finally, look for a company that has a long standing history in providing or manufacturing hotel parking systems to ensure that you get a reputable provider.

As much as this is a benefit to hotel customers, it is also beneficial to hotel manager or owners as they can now better control the parking area, revenue, make the facility safer and also enjoy better reports. The right technologies, properly installed and linked to hotel parking systems can be of great value, and there are great parking companies (only few proven reliable) providing the best services, systems and equipment coupled with sound warranties. Many are available for free consultations and they likely will visit your property to suggest the best possible solution for your specific hotel property

Hotel industry transformations are oftentimes driven by the need to provide a greater level of convenience and service for customers, a need that are frequently empowered by new technologies. This movement is creating enhancements in the hotel industry for in room, dining room and even hotel parking systems.  The latter may incorporate bar code, RFID or magnetic stripe cards to accommodate various hotel reservation system integration with hotel parking system. Travelers are now very up to date on these technologies and expect it to be available..

As secure, safe parking is limited in many areas, more hotels are charging for parking, which may be a new revenue stream for the hotel.  In larger metropolitan areas, parking fees may provide a significant source of revenue to off-set parking and land related costs.   When hotel parking systems are done correctly, they should seamless:  for the front desk, who will be checking your guests in, for the guests who will be receiving some type of easy to use credential, and for managers, accountants and auditors who will need generate reports from the hotel parking system.

Some hotel managers would think such systems not important or too high a risk in investments. You should that it’s better to invest a little more than you had planned, than a little less than you should.  Guests frequently associate the quality of the parking area, parking lot with the quality of the hotel.  Accordingly, it would be in the best interest of the hotel to use technology to the fullest to make the stay with your property even more convenient for your guests.

Good luck!


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