Parking Pay Stations and Why You Need Them

Here is some interesting information that can help you in case you’re thinking of installing the parking pay machines at your building or premises. Let’s first understand what parking pay station
s are; these are a sort of automated parking meters that manage multiple spaces.

Why are they often used? Different reasons apply to this question and it includes the following:

  • It offers multiple payment options e.g. debit and credit cards, and U.S. cash and coins.
  • Printed receipts which are important in case issues arise and you need to prove that you paid and it also displays the time your parking expires.
  • Reduced maintenance – Pay stations need service twice a month compared  with meters which require service up to three times each week.
  • More user friendly – the best parking pay machines have a touch screen
    that makes the experience not only much easier, but also enjoyable.
  • The parking pay machine
    can allow programming of multiple rates into the units to allow for promotional rates or extended stays, holiday and free weekend parking.
  • Just a few pay stations can manage all the parking spaces in an entire block

Parking pay stations are very popular and in fact it’s hard to miss them at buildings that have designated parking areas for their visitors. They are now more or less a culture.

So after you have realized the benefits of using them, you may be wondering you many you would need for your building. Well, typically 2 – 4 on each block would be sufficient. In addition, it offers parking officers a database whenever anyone pays so that they can effectively manage the whole parking process as well as confirm the spaces that have been paid for and those that have expired.

When you have decided to install the parking pay machines, you can get in touch with your local service provider for parking equipment and discuss on what would best suit you as well as your budget and they will be able to help you. Please do in depth research on the company you’re going to use to avoid problems in the future and get the best quality and value for your money.


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