Learn About Parking Software and Solution

The use of technology has accelerated in the parking and transportation industry, for the past several years. These advances have led to more innovative and creative parking software developments to being the most user-friendly and creative parking solutions.

The most popular parking software is usually a Windows-based program with point-and-click functionality that allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your parking system. Parking software is usually used to solve different problems, hence, parking solutions. Parking software is the interface between the user and the system. It enables the user to interact with the respective system in place in order to achieve the desired results.

The most popular parking solutions are the Parking Access and Revenue Controls (PARCS). Some include:

Pay-by-cell Phone

This type of parking solution enables the customer to pay for their ticket using a cell phone or mobile application. The customer is changed the parking fees and the operator is also reimbursed.  Enforcement officers audit by checking online databases for valid plates.


This is often used for event parking where the customer is usually entering the facility. They can also have the customer pay a deposit and have them receive some portion of that money back on exit if there is more than one rate in effect at a given time

Parking Guidance System/Way finding

This is usually inside the parking facility that provides guidance to open parking spots. Dynamic signage and individual floor and space availability indicators are usually included in the system. The latest parking guidance solutions detect individual space occupancy with stall sensors and can also share information with GPS-enabled vehicles and smartphone apps, which extend them beyond a garage or surface lot.


This type of solution is put in place so that the customer pays in-lane while leaving the facility. Payment may be made to a cashier or use credit card payment in the exit lane (exit verifier).

These are the most popular parking solutions you would find in most premises. Some may have more advanced solutions that can make use of the license plates, retinal scans or fingerprints.


A type of parking software that requires the customer to pay at a pay station in advance and place their receipt on their vehicle. The customer selects the amount of time and makes a payment. A receipt/permit prints and is displayed in the vehicle, usually on the dashboard. Enforcement officers audit by looking in vehicles for receipts.


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